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Website version of the library - this is now being continuously updated

The AGS Image library has always been a major asset of the Society.  The slide library currently contains over 40,000 slides many of them unique and many of historical importance. The slide library is still being augmented by legacies.

For several years now, the library has also been developed as a digital image library. All show photography is now digital and these images are constantly being added to the digital library. Other new accessions are also digital. Selected slides from the slide library are also being digitised.

Donations from members of plants in the wild are also welcome.

The digital image library already contains about 16000 images (March 2017) and it is now now being stored and managed here on the website.

There are two main levels of access to the library:

Logged in users: AGS Members who have registered as website users can login and can search for images using various criteria and can vew thumbnail and medium sized versions of the images.

Other users: you can still search for images using a limited range of criteria and find what is available, but can see only small versions of the images.

These images are all copyright and should not be used anywhere else without permission. If you need to see or use bigger versions of the images, or use them elsewhere, you should contact the AGS. If necessary we will contact the photographer.

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Website version of the library - this is now being continuously updated

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